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Chakra Sadhana

Coming soon...

Deep cultivation of relationship to the inner body using the sacred teachings of the "Kundalini Tantra" as passed on through Swami Satyananda Saraswati.

Using this wisdom to clear and heal the subtle channels using the 4 immeasurables of loving kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity.

When we study these immeasurables within the life of our minds and our hearts, we will discover that this in itself becomes the study and science of compassion. At every turn in life, we are faced with an opportunity to choose. When this choice is born out of a compassionate mind, the energy of the 4 immeasurables further develops within ourselves. They are called the immeasurables because they can be developed infinitely. The development can be found solely in one’s own intention and dedication to this inner practice. Within the process unfolds a deeper understanding of self and others. The momentum towards healing back into wholeness reveals itself organically and is powered by your own light within.

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Tibetan Heart Yoga

Coming Soon...

Weaving together the deep inner practices of Tibetan wisdom with the outer practices of Yoga. A truly transformative process of shifting our gaze inwards, as we explore the "world" as coming from within.

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