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Coming home into the deep Self within…

Welcome to Jyoti Yoga ❤️ 

Place and practice of inner illumination. May we all be bright with a heart at peace. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti


Clara Moon Song

JYOTI YOGA was created from a deep intention of wanting to offer the ancient practices and teachings of yoga in a way that could be translated into living each moment. To translate them as a way of moving in towards and awakening the innate wisdom of light inherent in all.

At the heart of living, is a deep driving desire for inner contentment, joy, peace. This is universal according to the secret inner language of each and every one of us. To move closer to this is to come in touch with your light within.


Cultivation of “sadhana” (practice(s) specific to this, is what supports this process.


The day to day practice is one where we meet our bodies, our emotions and our minds with compassionate witnessing (Karuna Sakshi Bhava), to cultivate a deeper understanding of self and others. As we meet ourselves with honesty, coupled with a deep desire to live with ease in body, mind and heart, the teachings of yoga come very much alive and become infused into a way of BE-ing which is ever evolving.


On the mat, the practice is to bring a deeper awareness to both the outer and inner body, aligning the body, breath and mind. We become sensitized to our inner being and the world within comes alive. With practice, we use this new intelligence to slowly transform ourselves into a body of light and love.



The only aim is to live each moment with a deeper understanding of how to Be. Here. Now. 

Deep gratitude for the guidance into my heart...

I would like to acknowledge these beautiful teachers in my life.

My MOTHER, who showed me what unconditional love is.

BABA HARI DASS, who lit the way of the Classical Ashtanga Yoga system when I was deeply questioning how to free myself from feeling confined in my mind and emotions.

PADMA, who passed on the sacred teachings and practices of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Kundalini Tantra as passed on to her from her teacher Swami Muktibodhananda. She also shared with me the profound and beautiful practice of Tibetan Heart Yoga and imparted her deep wisdom of the Buddhist teaching(s) on “Emptiness,” which was a deeply transformative time in my life.

MAITREYI, who shares with me the roots of yoga and a trauma informed practice, teaching me how to translate them into the modern way of being.

MAALAA, who shows me how to bring ALL of it into living this day. This moment.



Countless others who teach me everyday on the lessons of Patience, Love and Compassion.


"SHANTI" is the peace that passes understanding. It refers to a state of mind in which all desires are fulfilled, all conflicts resolved, and all fears banished... once we reach this state, we can enter into the unconscious and bid any storm that is brewing there to be quiet.

- Eknath Easwaran-

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