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Clara Moon Song

Clara became interested in the teachings of Yoga following her deep questioning into the nature of the mind and emotions and the power they hold in shaping our reality. 


 In 2014, she attended the SaltSpring Centre of Yoga to further her studies through the 200hr Yoga teacher training. Upon completion, she quietly searched for a more personal instruction of the yogic practices, which she found under the guidance of her teacher, Padma.


Through her studies with Padma, she completed a 300hr Tibetan Heart Yoga teacher training alongside many hours of practice with Padma.

She is in the process of completing her 500 hr teacher training through the Arkaya Awareness Centre. A decolonized and full spectrum system of practice, which she hopes can bring more awareness into the body and mind so that life can flow through with more ease, cultivating a deeper sense of peace. 

With over a 1000 hrs of training supported by her lifelong curiosity about the evolution of consciousness and the cultivation of love within, she is dedicated to the light within, inherent in all.

Clara lives in Powell River with her husband, two boys and their wolf pup, Omen. A loving family life and communing with nature as much as possible create the foundation for her ongoing exploration of the world within and without.

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