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Small/Semi Private Sessions

*** These classes will be offered weekly with a max of 3 participants for an intimate and immersive experience.

Classes start in September! You can view the schedule below and sign up if any of these offerings call out to you :)

*** At this time, classes are offered at drop in rates only

Love, Clara

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Yoga Foundations (1.25 hrs)

Integral to practice is the building of foundation with self awareness techniques. This is cultivated through the process of bringing body, breath and mind together. In this foundations class, you will be introduced to both pranayama (conscious expansion of energy), as well as asana, but most importantly we will explore what it means to bring body, breath and mind truly together.



Vinyasa Flow (1.25 hrs)

Moving from the ground up and from the inside out. We use the intelligence of the foundational practices to guide movement into more depth, through a  dynamic and introspective vinyasa practice. Through self awareness, we learn to deepen both our pranayama and asana practices. Introduction of bandhas.



Full Spectrum Practice (2 hours)

Weaving together all the elements of a traditional yoga practice. For those interested in diving deeper into the explorations of asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha, and mantra practice. Explore the deeper teachings of yoga and infuse it into your way of be-ing through practice and Self study.


Jyoti Yoga Schedule

10:00-11:15      Vinyasa Flow
2:30-1:45       Yoga Foundations

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10:30-12:30 Full Spectrum Practice

Jyoti Yoga

Come move with me. Breathe life in. We are vibrant, beautiful beings of light♥️

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