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Small/Semi Private Sessions

There is a great gift revealed from the steady practice of bringing body, mind and breath together seamlessly. Approaching asana practice in this way, we unlock that which is bound within our system. Moving


We do this by surrendering the mind onto the breath, into the body and start cultivating a quality of presence where concentration, then meditation, becomes the practice.


Primary Vinyasa (1.5 hrs)

 This is a sequence of 48 primary postures and 2 breathing exercises. The repetition of the sequence allows for greater somatic understanding as well as being able to deepen into yourself over time, through presence with the breath and discipline of the mind.



Intermediate Vinyasa (1.5 hrs)

Holding a strong focus on foundation and centre allows one to move with grace and strength. In this class, we explore the sensations of the body through a creative vinyasa as we develop somatic intelligence without losing the connection of body, breath and mind.



Candlelit Yin w/20 min sound journey (1 hr)

A tension release and reset for those times we leave self care behind and accumulate held emotions and thought patterns in body and mind. A relaxing and safe environment to let go and surrender, followed by the healing vibrations of crystal bowls.



Jyoti Yoga Schedule


*New class offerings and updated schedule effective as of
January 15, 2024



9-10:30   Primary Vinyasa



9-10:15   Vinyasa

11-12   Yoga Foundations



9-10:30   Primary Vinyasa

11-12:15   Vinyasa


12:30-2:30pm   Full Spectrum

7pm-8pm   Candlelit Yin w/20 min 
             Songbowl session 


Jyoti Yoga

Come move with me. Breathe life in. We are vibrant, beautiful beings of light♥️

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